Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Christmas Parties

The cousins all have a good time together. We all enjoyed the company. Our children are growing up and having families of their own.
We had the party at Winwards home and Aunt Sid presented her fun family games which everyone loves. We played the Christmas gift exchange and ended up with some pretty funny things. We all had a good laugh.

Good times, good food and family hayride to sing to all the neighbors some good old Christmas Cheer.
We read our previous years predictions and made new predictions for next year.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ellie, Gracie and Molly sleeping soundly through our lunch. We had our Naylor Family Christmas party in St. George because we didn't know if Bec would have her baby or not. She came early and all was well with both mom and baby.
We are out to lunch with the family in St. George. All the grandkids were wonderful at the meal while another family group had babies crying throughout the meal. Ours babies were peacefully sleeping.
Gracie is only 4 months old and balancing on Josh's hand. She kept her knees straight and performed for us. She reminded me of John's dad balancing Rachel on his hands when she was a baby. He would balance all the babies when they got big enough.
Our Grandchildren love their Aunt's and their Aunt's take such good care of them.