Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got off a four day work trip and flew down to see Bec and our new baby. Ellie Marie was born and was healthy and strong and looking around right away.
Ellie is such a cute girl and already adjusting to the real world.
The family hanging out at home with the new baby.
Macy holding her little baby sister.
Adrie is tickled to be an older sister to Ellie Marie Trav & Rach had Molly blessed and Molly is with her Aunts and Uncles.
Rach, Trav & Molly with the Grandparents
Rach, Trav & Molly in their new remodeled kitchen after the blessing
Gracie and her mom having a good laugh.

JK and Danielle made it down for the baptism and baby blessings.
Kendon and Brigham had fun watching a dog and hugging outside the church after the luncheon We went to the Christmas party with Travis and Rachel and had a nice dinner and a great party.
We all went to the baby blessing for Molly. JK, Danielle & Kendon were here also
Rach, Trav & Molly in their remodeled kitchen after baby blessing.
Rachel and Molly at the church luncheon where we celebrated Molly and Jayden's baby blessing and Emma's baptism. We had the luncheon at Sarah's church. Emma is the first baptism of Grandma Naylor's great grandchildren.
Kesley and Brigham were excited to see each other and gave each other a big hug.
Macy and Adrie performed so well at the Dickens Christmas Festival in St. George.
We looked around at the Dickens Festival and watched Macy and Adrie perform.
Katie & Jerry Hirschi baby blessing. Lynette and Sara and her children were there also. John and I and the two Grandma's, Lynette and Jerry's mom with Kevan Hirschi
Nathan, Naomi and Nina celebrating their cousins blessing. We ate dinner at Katie's cute home.
Mel on her way to have a nice night out.
Macy and Adrie with Santa at their Ward party and dinner.
We are excited about Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Sid's house. They are remodeling their living room so we had it in there with long tables and had a great time.Andy, Mel and Jill with cousin Jesse relaxing and enjoying each other's company
Having a great time at dinner with Grandma Naylor celebrating her 84th birthday.
Rach, Kes, Molly and I went to visit the Bec's family in St. George and watched Macy and Adrie in their tumbling class and getting their awards.
Molly resting in her cute little dress. She is so peaceful.
Rach & Trav had Molly on the same day as Eve and my 97 year old Aunt in September
Molly with her big sister Kesley. Kes had her hair done by her Aunt Danielle for the pictures.
Lexi and Mel at Trolley Square with Brigham, Kesley and Gracie

Molly at the hospital the day she was born.

The Family visiting with the new baby Molly.

Friday, September 19, 2008

It was a beautiful day and it is even better to be with the family. John loves having all his boys together. They love to golf and watch sports together.

I was looking through my pictures and found these family ones from 2004 and thought everyone might enjoy them.

We have a great time as a family. This was before we added some other family members.
My children really do enjoy and love each other.
JK even survived being the only boy amongst six girls. Not an easy thing.
Look how young Macy and Adrie are. Aren't my girls and boys all beautiful. Am I a proud mother or what.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We enjoyed watching the parade and the kids got some candy.
Uncle Seth enjoyed the our Grandchildren
Macy loves the little ones. She is a good helper.
Grandma and Aunt Joan with Liz at the Barbecue.
We always have fun at the family barbecues
Brigham came up to visit and hang out with his Aunt Jilli and Aunt Andy
Kendon and his mom and dad came to celebrate the 4th of July. We went to the parade in Centerville.
We went to the 4th of July breakfast over at our church.
We sat and enjoyed the Centerville parade.