Monday, July 28, 2008

Hawaii Trip

We are all excited and waiting in the airport to catch a flight. We missed the direct flight and went to LA because we were able to make it on the flight there to go to Honolulu. We sent Jill and Mel ahead and John and I stayed with Courtney and Danielle and stayed in a hotel. We learned that buddy passes have a harder time getting on the planes and we stayed back to be with them till they made it on a flight to Hawaii. They ended up flying to Maui then taking a flight to Honolulu and I took a direct flight and we all arrived about the same time.
We went to the International Market Place. Hawaii is so beautiful and it was perfect weather although a little too hot for me.
The girls spent every day at the beach. They loved it and soaked up the sun, maybe a little too much sun.

We went boogie boarding with Katie, John and Fab. We had a lot of fun. I sat and played on the sand with Fab and the rest were in the ocean having a blast.

Hawaii with Katie & John

John and I took Mel, Jill and their two friends to Hawaii. We let the girls stay in the condo on Waikiki and John and I stayed with our niece, Katie & John. They were so fun and they hang out at the beach all the time. They showed us some great places to snorkel and we went to dinner and did some great activities. We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, parasailing, in a submarine and church.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some more zoo pictures. We had a fun time and it sure was hot. Grandchildren are the best!!!

We got ready to go to the zoo and stopped to see Amelia's apartment in Holladay on the way.

Jillian's Graduation

Jillian, our youngest is graduating from Viewmont High School and the family is there to support her.

We went to dinner at Garcia's Restaurant in Layton.

Jill's Cheerleading Assembly

We went to Jillian's last Cheerleading Assembly at Viewmont High School


Jillian's friend took this picture during the school year for a class. It turned out pretty cool.